Large-scale sites such as shopping centers, industrial complexes, college campuses, and multi-unit housing complexes require high-powered remotes that can cover long distances. The Roam XL is as powerful as they come and features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses. Within line of sight, it can function up to two miles from the controller. The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be carried from job to job and used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a SmartPort connector. It eliminates the need to physically visit the controller to start or stop a cycle during maintenance, installation or winterization.
Up to 2 mile range for remote manual operation of Hunter irrigation systems
Designed to work with Hunter X-Core, Pro-C, PCC, I-Core and ACC controllers through a SmartPort® connection
128 different programmable addresses
Display shows remaining battery life
Maximum stations supported: 240
Programmable Run Times: 1 to 90 minutes
Large LCD display, push-button operation
Manually run manual watering cycles without modifying regular program
Transmitter power source: 4 AAA batteries (included)
Receiver power source: 24 VAC, 10 mA (provided by controller)
System operating frequency: 27 MHz band
SmartPort connector can be mounted up to 50' (max) from controller (use SRR-SCWH shielded cable wiring harness)
FCC Approved
No FCC license required
Rugged plastic carrying case included
Warranty: 3 years



The Roam XL has a heavy duty aluminum and rubber shell, which ensures reliable operation day in and day out




The water-resistent Roam XL is built to work even when exposed to sprinkler spray




The Roam XL transmitter and receiver both work with ICR transmitters or receivers. So, if you upgrade your ICR remote to Roam XL, you can still use your old ICR receiver. Or if you bring an ICR to a site that has a RoamXL receiver, they will work together.




Roam XL (without antenna)

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